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Return to Mount Carmel HD

Posted by Barek Halfhand on January 10, 2015 at 5:45 PM Comments comments (0)


Return to Mount Carmel HD


This will be the first of series of return visits to some of my favorite Chicago-land haunted locations to be filmed/photographed in HD.


*Visual effects have been added to this video.



The Italian Bride is @ 38:36

Al Capone is @ 43:30

Dean O'Banion is @ 45:17

Hymie Weiss is @ 47:30


Here is the photo album (edited for color and clarity):



A Late 19th Century South Loop Basement At Night. By Barek Halfand

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By Barek Halfand

The 1890’s era South Loop building is preternaturally dark against the scarlet city sky …while the streets are quiet and parking spaces are plentiful as the city sleeps, there is a sense of heightened awareness you feel when you are downtown after midnight …

Reminiscent of the Burnham style architecture of the time, it represents an urban renaissance that helped bring the 1893 Columbian Exposition World Fair to Chicago …Over 120 years ago when the bricks where being laid at this location; another structure was rising a little farther south in the Englewood district which bore strikingly similar features …The H.H. Holmes Murder Castle….

The entity sulks in the caliginous sodden sub-basement amid the rusted iron support beams, broken bricks and crumbling concrete…I am alone and already uneasy in the 2 am stillness beneath the city streets …sometimes they coalesce into human form, sometimes they smolder as an inert black mist…this tormented soul suffers many stages of manifestation… The guile of control over his stages of incarnation seems to figure prominently in his human shades of denial while the cold stone walls remain impassive all these years.

Here is the photo album (edited for color and clarity): http://s541.photobucket.com/user/MrHalfhand/library/A%20Late%2019th%20Century%20Chicago%20Basement%20%20At%20Night?sort=3&page=1

The Gary Indiana "Demon House"

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By Barek Halfhand

An impromptu Interview with the most recent resident on his moving day; A Halfhand Nation Exclusive. The sun was a seldom seen anomaly on this mid February afternoon. I squinted at the glare on my salt, dried silted windshield as I weaved my way down the poorly ploughed backstreets of the impoverished Gary, Indiana neighbourhood, until I finally pulled over and discarded my crudely rendered hand drawn map in favor of my GPS…

The trip was reminiscent of Detroit with the burned out, boarded-up, gutted houses and buildings but much more disconcerting by way of the close proximity to my own back yard… There are Pitbulls on every other porch on every other block, disabled seeming vehicles buried under the snow …I tend to avoid topics related to religion, politics or other such inviolable dogma and while I do believe that there are negative and nefarious aspects of the spirit realm I think that assigning “demonic” influence to a location or individual has become somewhat gratuitous …that said; if I were to describe an area as “cursed”, it would be Gary Indiana…it is just awful…

Rounding the corner leading to that now infamous house on Carolina St. I could clearly see the bright red moving truck parked out front blocking most of the road save for a narrow strip of tire packed snow along the driver side…unfortunately there was a rather deep ditch on that side of the street cleverly concealed beneath the white mound from one of the infrequent snow plow visits … As I attempted to rock my way out of a deepening rut (and a growing panic at the prospect of getting stranded I that neighborhood) a tall, lanky gentleman appeared at the rear of the truck and advised me that he would not be able to move the truck for a little while, but offered push from the front while I ground my gears in a seeming futile attempt to extricate myself …

After several terrifying moments sliding deeper into the inexorable frozen morass, I somehow managed to grab dry pavement and screech my way out of the ditch just missing the moving truck by inches … I exhaled a sigh of relief as I parked my aging SUV on the corner and made my way back to thank the slim Samaritan …he asked me why I was there ( being white and all) and I admitted was there taking photos of the house …he then informed me he was the most recent resident of the house and this was the moving( out) day…he only identified himself as”Ed” but he did provide me cellphone # in the event I wanted to come back later in the day for inside photos ( for a small fee of course LOL)…while it was a tempting prospect, my intuition told me that waiting around Gary Indiana for several hours was a bad idea …( a Gary Police car rolled up when I was leaving and would have probably pulled e over had he been able to get around the moving truck)…

I did get a chance discuss the house that he lived in for the past few years which has become the subject of a recent media circus … The conversation begins with Berek spinning his tires in a progressively deepening rut next to the moving truck and “Ed” approaching the passenger side window …

“Ed”: You are just digging a deeper hole in that ditch, hold on” …

Mr Halfhand: “I think you’re right” (letting off the gas)...

“Ed” I’m not going to be able t move this truck for a while” (gesturing towards the extended ramp leading from he rear of the truck’s box)

Mr Halfhand: “ I should have just turned around “ …

“Ed”: “So what are you doing here anyway?… here to look at the house?”…

Mr Halfhand: “Yeah…I am” (sitting there with a camera in one hand and the steering wheel in the other )

Ed: “Not surprised, it’s been kinda crazy around here …”

Mr Halfhand: “Do you know the owner?..”

Ed: “Yes, but I have been living here for the last XX years (forgot precisely how long he said, didn’t take notes )…

Mr Halfhand: “So is it true what they have been saying about this house?...you know, ‘Portal-To- Hell’ and all?...”

Ed: (chuckling) “No, it’s all b***s***…”

(With the navigational prowess of “Ed” and a hefty push t precisely the right point of momentum ; I was able to extract myself from the quicksand-like winter quagmire, clearing the moving truck by mere inches . …I pulled up to the curb on the corner and hopped out to express my sincere gratitude )…

Mr Halfhand: (extending my hand) Thank you, sir, that would have been a tough call to Triple A followed by a long wait I’m sure...”

Ed: (accepting m handshake)You are welcome Sir …you are much more polite than most that have come down here to get a look at the house …one came all the way from England ”…

Mr Halfhand: “I take it some have been a little pushy? “…

Ed: “you might say that…if I didn’t answer the door, they tried to force the door open …seriously!”…

Mr Halfhand: “Is this why you are moving out?”…

Ed: No…the house was bought out from underneath me by some guy from California…some guy from one of those Paranoia TV shows”…(Yes, he did call it one of those “PARANOIA TV shows” LOL)

Mr Halfhand: :” So you weren’t planning on moving, you are being forced out?...”

Ed: “Pretty much, but I did get lucky and find a place I could afford not far from here”…(Sadly, it is not a stretch to assume Ed is economically challenged like 99.999% of Gary IND residents)…

Mr Halfhand: “I’m sorry Ed”..

Ed: “You know; if you are going to be round for a few hours I could let you have a look inside… (smiling) if you throw a little something my way”…

Now don’t get me wrong, if I had any cash on me, I would have at least tossed him a $20 or two for the help out of the ditch alone, but I as I have almost completely converted to plastic these days to complete most monetary transactions, I was figuratively penniless … plus I was a little limited, time wise …plus my intuition was nudging me along and I never question my instincts… the Gary Police cruiser crunched up to the rear of the moving truck right about then so hastened my exit , wishing Ed happiness (and peace) at his new residence…

I continued getting photos of the surrounding streets… while I did not perceive anything preponderant emanating from the “Demon House”, there is a very distinct sense of oppression here that transcends socioeconomic …as I continued canvassing the area for photo ops, there were certain structures that literally made my head pound when I stopped for a shot.. While I admittedly; never watched that ghost show on The Travel Channel (not sure if I even get that cable station), I’m quite certain there is nothing “demonic” present that particular house aside from media generated sensationalism and hype propagated by someone hoping for a book / movie deal…

As far as the new future resident from the”Paranoia TV show”… I only have the word of someone standing on the street claiming to be the most recent resident …I would hope this reality TV star would not intentionally displace a poor family for ratings…I leave that for you o decide ….

Mr Halfhand Here is the photo album (edited for color and clarity):







The Old Detroit Train Station

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The Old Detroit Train Station

by Barek Halfhand





Detroit has been the topic of innumerable news headlines over the last decade, the most recent being the filing for chapter 9 bankruptcy protection. Being a lifelong Chicagoan; I am not one to be intimidated by “bad neighbourhoods” but my tour of downtown Detroit this past summer still haunts me for a variety of reasons. While I am not inclined to hammer out yet another gaseous disquisition on urban blight and the metastasizing scourge of inner city decay, I have to admit that I was profoundly saddened by just how bad it really is …

The much ballyhooed revitalization of The Motor City auto industry only temporarily staved off the inevitable… The closed factories, the boarded up buildings and the burned out, dilapidated houses are visible from every vestige of the encircling highways …

The gestalt created by the media is unfortunately reinforced by this first impression, it looks like a demilitarized zone that really shouldn’t exist in modern America and I’m surprised Canada has not blown up the bridge to Winsor and built a wall on the bank of the Detroit River …

While it is sad to see the city that created the Motown sound in such a dire state of disintegration, I have wanted to get a close up look at the old train station that I spotted during a Google Earth ghetto-crawl last year and it was almost surreal once I finally made my way there and stood at the fence…I’m working on getting inside but there are a few hurdles to jump along the way…I have included various shots of downtown and a local cemetery alleged to be the site of unspecified disturbances and unverified phenomena …

Here is the photo album (edited for color and clarity): http://s541.photobucket.com/user/MrHalfhand/library/The%20Old%20Detroit%20Train%20Station?sort=3&page=1


The Cloaked Shadow Entity In The Old Cincinnati Church

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The Cloaked Shadow Entity In The Old Cincinnati Church

By Barek Halfhand

The old Cincinnati church stands stoically on the old riverside city side street and I was keenly aware of it before it came into view … rumor has it that a shrouded dark entity has been spotted rising out of the floor by way of a widening crack separating the floor from fist step of a rapidly decaying staircase…

Legend further contends that it can often be seen through the tiny window square frame in the front door that has long since been relieved of it’s glass when conditions are right or the right person is peering inside …

Those that have encountered shadow entities know that they radiate an intense negativity and while I saw nothing visually, the sheer abrasive pulse piecing my solar plexus validated my 2 hour trip deviation to visit this site …

The stale air that huffed from within distinctly reminded me of the St Paschal Friary … a dead air tomb-like stench that culminated in an overwhelming, last dying breath exhalation dust loud as I watched the wrecking ball pummel the central wing old beast one late fall, 2010 afternoon …

The first few shots I tried through the window frame were blurry and out of focus and I had to try several different settings but I did finally get a few clear shots … it wasn’t until I dropped the photos on my laptop that I discovered the anomaly …. b


The Darkest of Matter by Rev Dr Fred Lee

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The Darkest of Matter


            History has shown us that societies such as our modern day USA have failed.  Why isthis? Modern man has the resolve to accomplish anything that he puts inhis mind.  Why is it that we cannot develop a society that works?

            These arequestions that have had my attention for as long as I have had the ability toperceive the world around me.  I have searched long and hard for theanswers. It wasn't until recently that it all started coming together forme.  Not too long ago a fellow, who was familiar with me, handed me abasic conceptual physics book.  He told me that he thought that I wouldappreciate the information.  That book has opened the doors to myunderstanding all that afflicts us.  That book also helped me in myunderstanding the true nature of many of the symbolic terms used in the HolyBible.

             Ithas been about six or seven years now, since I got a hold of that physicsbook.  Things really started making sense.  I actually startedwriting down some of my new perceptions.  I wanted to get some feedback,so I sent the information to a friend of mine, who runs the church that I amordained through. Before I knew it, I was on a radio talk show, and soon afterthat I was awarded an, “Honorary Doctorate of Metaphysical Science", forhaving discovered a number of very unusual anomalies.  I say this in hopesthat it will grant me a little validity in your eyes.  Also, I would liketo mention, that at the age of eight years old, I was tested, and found to havea 16.0 reading and comprehension level.  If you don't know, that meansthat at the age of eight I was reading and comprehending like someone who hadspent four years in college.  Also, I recently took a battery of aptitude tests,and all of my aptitudes were found to be in the superior range.  I thinkthe one aptitude that has benefited me the most is my spatial aptitude.  Itested out at 98% on the spatial test. It should have been 100%.  Iwas in the process of giving the final answer to the 50th question when thebell rang.  It was the right answer, but my hand to eye coordination wasnot up to par that day.

            Anyway, Ihave a habit, whenever I get a hold of a new book, I will open it, somewhere inthe middle, and just take a look, to see what I can see.  I did this assoon as I got this basic conceptual physics book.  I opened the bookunwittingly to the chapter that explained, "Light".  At firstglance it was mind-boggling.  I considered that I might never understandthe synchronicity's of light.  Something in me would not acceptthat.  So, I made it a goal, which I would read that book, and understandwhat it was talking about, no matter what it took.

            I amthoroughly convinced that the individual that handed me that book, was directedto do so by God.  As I went through the book, I found two copies ofscientific research papers.  One of the papers explained of a physicist,who in the 1960s, proved scientifically, that the nucleus of every atom in ourphysical creation, is actually a particle of light.  The other paper was astudy that was done, “Also in the 1960s", this study showed findings ofdark matter, integrated into the DNA of various individuals.

            If youare comprehending, as well as visualizing, what I am saying, this matter isbecoming black-and-white.  All things physical are a development of lightand dark matter combined.  While all individuals have some development ofdark matter integrated into their DNA. The findings show that people whohave emotional problems, including, bipolar, schizophrenic, etc., haveextraordinarily large increments of dark matter in their DNA.  Thesestudies also included alcoholics, addicts, murders and rapists, etc.  Andonce again the findings showed large increments of dark matter in theindividuals.

            What doesit all mean?  Well, here's my take.  While I didn't understand it asa child, I now understand what the Holy Bible means, when it says, "God isthe Light of the World".  There is a place in Genesis, "Of theHoly Bible", that states, "God gave us his breath oflife".  What is the most powerful energy source known toman? What has the power to annihilate a city? What has the power topower a city? Answer; The Nucleus of an Atom. What else could itbe?  "The nucleus of an atom is, God's breath of life". This is so simple, why isn't anybody talking about this?  People should betalking about this, it is so, "in your face", and undeniable, Ihave explained it to eight and 10 year olds, and they understand it with noproblem.  But they always say, "Wow, I didn't know about the factthat the nucleus of an atom is light".  God has blessed me with agood mind, as I put it to work, and has guided by his inner light, of which Iam speaking, I have come up with some very solid, scientifically verifiabletheories.

            Well,here's my take.  Have you ever heard of quantum energy?  If youhaven't, you should look into it.  Science is saying that at afoundational level, "nuclear level", all physical creation, to thefurthest extents of the universe, is interconnected.  An, “infinite?” bodyof energy.  Remember, the foundational element is a particle oflight.  So we are talking about a solid body of light.  Sounds like,"Body of Christ". If you are like me, things are starting to makesense now.  I have always wondered, how it is that I knew that so-and-sowas about to show up.  Or, that so-and-so just went through a traumaticincident.  And how it is that I am always hearing my favorite song just afew moments before I hear it in real-time.

            So far, Ihave given you some scientific facts, and developed a practical theory, whichincludes biblical terminology.  I recently got a hold of a book called,"The Secret Life of Plants".  For me, after having read thisbook, my practical theory, became reality.  In this book, they would hooka plant up to and EKG.  In one experiment, they would put the plant in acertain place, they would have someone who was familiar with the plant,someplace else, and they would then have the individual contemplate theplant.  Every time, that the individual would contemplate the plant, theplant would react, and the reaction would be seen on the EKG.  The bookstates, that this happened every time, even if the plant was in China, etc.,and the individual, doing the contemplation, was here in the United States. Imagine that!

            I may beout of context, but I believe this is called, "quantum entanglement”, orthe interconnectedness of all things. The studies further showed that thereaction was instantaneous.  The plant would react the very instant thatthe individual considered the plant.  Not a second before, nor a secondafter, but the very instant of consideration.  This information hasdefinitely enhanced my understanding of the questions that I mentionedearlier.  Even though we have time and distance, at a foundational levelall things are in very close proximity to one another, this includes time andspace.

            I wouldnot have been able to accept the scientific findings, were it not for myunderstanding of the rate of speed, in which light travels.  Science hasproven that light travels at a rate of 186,000 mps. I have heard a fewdifferent numbers; I have heard some statements, stating that the rate of speedof light is actually increasing, for some unknown reason.  Regardless,imagine that, 186,000 mps!  I have read in a couple of science books, thatif you were to travel faster than light you would actually be going backward intime.  In the plant studies I mentioned earlier, if the plant wasthreatened with mutilation, the plant would go flat line prior to themutilation.  So this means that the plant has the ability to perceive itsfuture.  So there is a light continuum.  A probability matrix that isdefined by our decisions.

            When Iconsider this, it makes sense to me that I have déjà vu. If the light thatis, is interconnected at a foundational level, throughout all creation. And it is traveling in every direction at that rate of speed.  I can seethat the light that is within me, goes before me, and develops every probablyequation of what I might do next.  It is doing this at super speed,whether I meet Mike, or fall down, or do a backflip; light has argued developedthat equation, for myself, and every other individual, which has the lightwithin them, also.  So I'm walking along, and all of a sudden, DéjàVu!  How did that happen?  Well, obviously I have, caught up with thelight that proceeds me.  I have happened upon the most probable futureprobability. The equation has been taking place, within me, and without,over and over, at super speed, and it has become my most probable future event,and I then have recognition.

            This alsohelps me to understand my intuition, and the intuition of others.  In theBible it states that, "God is the light of the world, is also, the alphaand Omega, the beginning and the end".  As I see this, this meansthat God is everywhere, ever present, and, in the past, present andfuture.  Did you know that science has found a way, to trace backgroundradiation, in search of what they call, “the singularity the point ofignition, which ignited the Big Bang? This means, light obviously has apast that can be traced.  I have had many minor experiences withperceiving a future event, prior to its occurrence.  I never understoodthis.  Nor have I ever understood how it would be possible for a Prophetto do prophecy.  I understand now.  The light goes out, and developedevery probable equation, and most probable outcome.  An individual, whosereactive self is in harmony with their inner light, of necessity, willmagnetically be attracted to a future event that they need to foretell.,"In their spirit body, or sub atomic body", upon returning to theirphysical body they endeavor to foretell what they foresaw.  Sounds like aworkable theory to me.  And to add further plausibility to this theory, ifGod is light, wouldn't it make sense that the seven spirits of God, are theseven visible colors of the light spectrum?  It has to be, it couldn't beanything else.

            So whatabout the dark matter?  What does it have to do with all of this? This is the scary part.  At a foundational level, we know that we arelight at a foundational level, "the nucleus of an atom", that nucleusthen evolves into, and atom. From that point, we have our DNA, thefoundation of who and what we are physically.  We know that we areinterconnected throughout all of creation.  So that means that the darkmatter that is integrated into our DNA, is also.  What does all this mean?

            Well,here’s my take.  The dark matter that harbors itself within our DNA is anentity unto itself.  It is a global disease.  It creeps into oursystem, through the food we eat, and our reactive attributes, also ourenvironment.  In a code that I have discovered, these three forms of darkmatter manifestation, "or infestation", they are called, "Demon,the three acronym's for this word are, Developed Eaten Manifestation OfNegativity, Developed Emotional Manifestation Of Negativity, DevelopedEnvironmental Matrix Of Negativity".  What you think?  Not onlydo I have some solid, scientifically verifiable theories, but I have a codethat ties it all together.  Science + Bible scripture + Code = Must betrue!  Anyway, back to the darkest of matters.  It is a reactiveprinciple that develops itself, and obtains its integrity, just as naturally asa tree grows.  Like any living entity it will consume until there isnothing left to consume.  Sounds a lot like cancer, global cancer. What I am saying is that the dark matter manifests in our DNA, allows for thepossibility of positive and negative reactive principles to take place. In other words, if the dark matter was not there, we would only be beacons oflight, without the option of positive and negative reactions.  So the darkmatter is the physical construct of the mechanism that allows negativity, whichis supported by the foundational element of light. I have found out thatin the beginning, Adam and Eve were light beings, they ate something that was adense hydrogen and carbon compound, and they inducted dark matter, whichallowed them to understand positive and negative reactive principalities. There is a clue.  After they ate whatever fruit, they obtained skins; theyhad to leave the Garden of Eden, and then had to til the soil to obtain theirsustenance.  They had eaten something from underground.  Whereas theywere told to eat vegetation and the fruit thereof.  Stuff that grows aboveground.  Science has shown that you can grow 100 pound tree, and it willhave only used an ounce or two of soil.  See what I mean? They ate acertain type of dense matter, which made them dense, and they lost theirluminosity.

            I havedone many experiments on my own time, to validate what I am saying.  Ihave read a few books that have done experiments that prove scientifically thatthere are reactive principles in all living entities, even plant life.  Ihave always been plagued by, "Murphy's Law".  It always seemsthat if something can go wrong it does, for me.  I have met many otherswho are plagued as well.  It appears that this dark matter is a reactiveprinciple that has manifested from probability, into reality.  It workslike this, I am about to engage in an activity, I consider possible outcomes,my mind locks onto the one outcome which I fear the most.  This signal issent out in a probability matrix, "light continuum, as mentionedearlier", it then becomes reality.  I imagined the worst possibleoutcome, it then became manifest.  I should have been focused on apositive outcome. If this scenario is allowed to snowball, I become abeacon of negativity.

            Okay, nowimagine that this reactive principle, "The Dark Matter", perceives afuture where it is no longer of necessity? Remember, it is directlyconnected to our foundational element, “the nucleus of all of the atoms that developedinto our individual DNA strand".  I have found that this reactiveentity has survival instinct. So on an individual basis, if the individualtries to change his or her thought processes, "reactive principles",they come under attack.  I have witnessed this over and over again. Thedark matter integrated into our DNA can perceive the futures most probableoutcome before we as individuals perceive it. I have proven this over andover.  One of my biggest proofs is the fact that I have had thisinformation on YouTube for several months; I can count the people who haveviewed the videos on two hands.  The dark matter, in my opinion, has theability to blind people to the profound nature of the information that I have.

            I havefound that I am a threat to this dark entity. I have communicated thismessage to people; the immediate situation becomes surreal, outer limitsstyle. People making loud noises, the person I am talking to becomesanxious, etc. Unbelievable stuff.  On a number of occasions as I wascommunicating with certain types of individuals, they would actually loseconsciousness.  This is why I am afraid; to me this is the most profoundinformation.  It deserves to be on everybody's mind until there isresolution.  However, I have been dealing with this for several years now,and it is very typical for people to blow it off for one reason or another, andlose sight of the serious nature of what I am talking about.  This is thestuff that has been perplexing mankind throughout the ages.  There are nobad people, there is only dark matter that allows, and compels individuals todo negativity.

            Considerthis, in the Bible it talks about a group of people converging around God onearth, "Jesus Christ", they accused him, they hated him, they askedthat he be put to death.  His statement, his reply, was, "Forgivethem Father; they know not what they do".  Could it be that he understoodthat it was not the individual that was doing this horrendous deed?  Couldit be that he understood that they were victims of the global cancer that I amtalking about?

             AsI mentioned before, I was recently awarded an, "Honorary Doctorate ofMetaphysical Science”, for having found several, never before understood codes,integrated into the English Language, "along with other info". The codes, being in place in the English language, in and of itself, prove thatthere is an omnipresent intelligence within us, and around us.  "Thenucleus of every atom in creation".  These codes correlate modernscience, with the Western version of the Holy Bible.  One of the codes isan acronym code.  What I have found is that every word in the English languageis an acronym.   

            Everyoneis familiar with the acronym, "UFO, which stands for, Unidentified FlyingObject".  I have found that you can take any word in the Englishlanguage and do the same.  Such as, "LIFE = Light In FocusedEmanation".  "INTELLIGENT =Individuals Nature To Employ LearnedLessons In Gaining Evolved New Tendencies".  "PRAY = PolitelyRequest and Yearn".  "ALPHABET= A Learning Principle HelpingAnyone Better Employ Thought".

            When Ifirst started understanding this info I was blown away, it took about fiveyears before I was familiar enough with the information, that I was able totalk to someone else about it., and makes sense. I first took it to a psychiatrist;he stated that he did not believe that there was an omnipresent intelligencethat created any codes. He said that I was just good with words. Hesaid that there is no way that there could be an acronym for the word,"Oophorectomy", I went home and considered the word, and I looked itup on the Internet.  The word explains a surgery, where a physician willremove one, or both of female’s ovaries.  As it turns out there are twovalues to the word.  The first is, "Ovarian Operation ProcedureHas Obvious Repercussions Especially Considering Termination Of MaternalYield", and the other value is, "Ovarian Operation Physician HasObvious Reservations Especially Considering Termination Of MaternalYield".

           Synchronicity?  Coincidence? I don't think so, I have been throughevery niche every possibility, or probability, does this fall apart?  Notat all, it is an unbroken chain that uses this acronym code, in coordinationwith, scientific findings, and descriptive nouns from the Holy Bible, to tell astory that is called, "Truth, which is the acronym for, The Real UntoldTemporal History". I have developed several videos, here is the link," http://zoopy.com/q/4lov ". Is there someone out there?  Iwonder.  I know that I will put this blog out there, and it will set likeall of the others, no responses, no concern.  Anyway, God blessy'all.  If someone does read this, and checks out my videos, and wouldlike to help me to format this information, and make it more accessible to thepublic, or validate me, which would be a big help, I would sure appreciate yougetting a hold of me. Here is my e-mail, "[email protected]




Former GHI Case Manager and Investigator Brandy Green speaks out about life after Para-TV

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Former GHI Case Manager and Investigator

Brandy Green speaks out about life after Para-TV


Interviewer: Michael O’Brien

Special Contributor: Aanica



Brandy Green was born in Edina,Minnesota in 1984 and has one younger sister. Brandy studied psychology (with emphasis in death and dying) and anthropology in college and she has recently returned to school to study secondary education with a focus in History.

Her interest in the paranormal stemmed from childhood experiences at both of hergrandmother's homes. It was these experiences that drove Brandy to investigate the possibility of life postmortem.

Ms. Green's interests never rested solely in the "spirit" realm; they envelope crypto zoology, ufology,anthropology, and how psychology plays a role in all of the above fields.

Brandy was born with a cleftpalate and underwent numerous reconstructive surgeries during infancy and earlychildhood. She has been very outspoken with regard to supporting the CleftPalate Foundation, Ronald McDonald Charity, the American Cancer Society, The Minnesota AIDS Project, Give a Damn Campaign, Animal Rights through PETA andthe WSPA and numerous other organizations.

Brandy Green began traveling the world with the show "Ghost Hunters International" on the SyFyChannel beginning early in 2008. She has investigated the paranormal in over 40 different countries in all but one continent and has worked with GHI for three seasons as the Case Manager and Investigator. She prides herself in knowing that she is one of the few "Para-celebs" that has stayed true to the field and has successfully represented other strong women who are involved inparanormal research.


(MO) Where were you born and/or raised?

(BG) I was born and raised in Minnesota but spent some time when I wasyounger in New York City where I have family.

(MO) What were your interests as a child?

(BG) I had a lot of interestsgrowing up, many of which I still have. Anthropology and the arts.

(MO) Were you like mostchildren your age growing up?

(BG) Nope. haha! I was more ofa loner. I grew up mostly in Eden Prairie, Minnesota which is an incrediblywealthy suburb where a lot of the Vikings football players used to live [and may still live] and my family wasn't rich. I had grown up going to Broadway shows and watching history specials on TV, which were definitely not theactivities taken up by my Eden Prairie peers.

(MO) At what age did yourealize you had a curiosity about the paranormal?

(BG) My aunts and my mother were all into the "paranormal thing" while I was growing up, so I was exposed to the Ouija board thing and the "haunts" of my cousin's grandparent's house. When I was really young, I don't know the exact age, I experienced strange things at both of my grandmother's homes.

My uninformed mind at the time misinterpreted natural occurrences like floor boards creaking from settling and expansion and contraction, but back then I had assumed they were sounds of phantom footsteps.

There were many things like that. Throughout the years, I've studied [a lot, like a nerd] photography, psychology, biology,environmental sciences, religion, history, and cultural anthropology.

The knowledge that I've gained throughout the years in formal and informal settings have certainly created a more skeptical mind when it comes to the"paranormal".

(MO) Do you have any siblings? If so, how do they feel about your GHI investigative career or celebrity?

(BG) I have a younger sister.She's been pretty much unfazed when it comes to me having been on television.Now that I'm no longer apart of the franchise, and knowing that I do notsupport the direction that the show has gone, she'll often text me just to letme know when a marathon is running. She thinks it's funny because I usuallyrespond with a diluted "yay".

(MO) Did your sister experience any paranormal activity as a child as well? If so, does she share in your paranormal curiosities?

(BG) My sister shared in oneexperience at my father's mother's house years back, an experience that I havecome to find alternative explanations for since then. She isn't incredibly interestedin the "paranormal". She's been a couple investigations here in Minnesota with me and I think she is on the fence about it all just as I am.

(MO) Did your grandmother ever validate your paranormal experiences?

(BG) My grandmothers both have told me that they've experienced strange things, but my grandmother on my mom's side doesn't believe in "messing around with that stuff".

(MO) How do your parents /grandparents feel about your adult paranormal investigative career or celebrity?

(BG) My parents were happy that I was able to travel and see the world and they of course watched the show while I was on it, but if I had not been on the show, they wouldn't have watched the program.

My mother hated me travelling all of the time. She has separation anxiety and was a nervous wreck every time I left the country. Hell,she's still a nervous wreck anytime I go anywhere. haha My dad's mother watched the show while I was on it as well, but the rest of the family didn't really watch.

Honestly, me being on an international show didn't really phase myfamily that much. It wasn't like I was hooking up with celebrities and gettingcalls from Spielberg. haha Para-celebs are not really true celebrity. They are just television personalities in my opinion. I certainly don't see myself as a celebrity, just that I was fairly well known within the SyFy community for awhile.

(MO) How did you deal with your own GHI celebrity at the onset?

(BG) Again, I don't really believe that I ever had "celebrity" status, but it was quite strange being recognized by complete strangers in the middle of Target or at the Mall of America or on the streets of London. I always had the immediate, 'how do you know my name!?' freak out because I would often forget that I was on an international television show.

(MO) As an infant and youngchild you underwent numerous reconstructive surgeries on your palate. Did any of these traumatic procedures add to your postmortem curiosities or perhapscoincide with the paranormal activities you witnessed at your grandmothers homes?

(BG) I don't believe so.

(MO) You have been an out spoken activist for numerous 501(c) (3) charitable organizations throughout the US.Are your philanthropic efforts a direct result of your early childhood traumasor experiences?

(BG) I do support a number ofagencies and organizations throughout the world. I have always wanted to be ina position where that was possible and I've been lucky enough to be able tovoice my opinions and make differences on small levels. I think that certainlyhaving some of the experiences that I had growing up in terms of being teasedbecause of the way I talk or seeing others being bullied because of theirsexuality, it all shaped who I am today.

(MO) You are also a strongsupporter of PETA. How do you feel about GH incorporating Maddie (the canine) into the GH series? Would you adhere to that command if GHI or SyFy introduceda canine companion while you were investigating?

(BG) When I was on GhostHunters International, we utilized dogs for certain cases. The idea is that animals are more sensitive to changes in energy, which could then be related to finding "ghosts" [assuming that such a thing even exists]. Somepeople also believe that they can actually see "ghosts" as well.

Animals have been used for this purpose for a long time and there are stories that go back thousands of years from all over the world that involve horses rearing and dogs acting strange or becoming mad in the presence of "ghosts".Now, for me personally, I am inclined to believe that this is a result of changes in the environment and not the actual presence of supernatural beings.The cases that I've worked with dogs have resulted in power cords dripping withdog pee and dog hair all over the place with little, if anything else.

(MO) With your collectiveexperience and education are you prepared to state with any confidence that you believe there is life postmortem?

(BG) In my personal opinion based on ALL of the cases that I've done, all of the places throughout the world that I've been and my educational background, I am inclined to say that the "paranormal" is completely explainable with proper educated analysis involving subjects in environmental sciences, physics, biology,psychology, etc.

(MO) You were told at one timewhile with GHI you were, “too much of a skeptic.” Who told you this and did you receive this observation as more of an insult or compliment?

(BG) I was told that I was too skeptical by numerous people both in front and behind the camera. They were irritated, which is why they said it. The truth is, it wasn't like they were informing me of something that I wasn't already aware of. haha! I think that the biggest insult for me was the way I was edited on the show.

(MO) Do you believe anyone canbe too much of a skeptic regarding the paranormal field?

(BG) I think that personal biasis a problem for both sides and in any type of "research". I do believe; however, that being a hardened skeptic is important with regard to the "paranormal field". I see 98% of this "field" being comprised of whole hearted believers who simply say that they are skeptics in order to look more professional.

I've seen many of these individuals and groups in action and can say for a fact that they are NOT skeptical. Every knock and bang is a response to one of their EVP questions or any cold draft is a ghost [forget about heating and cooling systems, proximity to windows, doors,ventilation systems, etc.]. They are the same groups that use things like the Ovilus or Frank's Box. There are a lot of naysayers out there, but I don'tcare.

The fact is, the majority of the "paranormal community” has no idea what they're doing. They base what they know off of a couple shows they watch. Many are ignorant too much of it. When I say ignorant, I don't mean to say that they are stupid or have no education whatsoever.

I am referring to the lack of knowledge in specific fields like those that I mentioned above [physics,environmental sciences, AV, psychology, biology, etc.]. There are "ghosthunters" and then there are "paranormal researchers". In my opinion, they are two different things and unfortunately, the latter seems to be almost completely unrecognizable--and not in a good way.

(MO) May I inquire as to your theological beliefs?

(BG) I am an agnostic. I've formally studied world religions and while they are comprised of entertaining stories, I see them as interpretations of non-supernatural events only.

(MO) How has your belief system influenced your opinions towards the paranormal? Do you believe it benefited or hindered you personally or professionally?

(BG) I believe that being anagnostic has allowed me to shed many biases related to religion. It's allowed me to open up my mind rather than be restricted to a set of beliefs specific to one religion I've travelled extensively and have seen how religion really canand often does play a role in the interpretation of "paranormalexperiences".

(MO) You’re a bit of a historical buff aren’t you?

(BG) I am. I love history. I'ma total nerd. 

(MO) Historically speaking,what is the era you are most captivated with and take pleasure ininvestigating?

(BG) I love the history of theRoman Empire and Ancient Egypt. 

(MO) Can you tell us about your formal and informal education?

(BG) My formal education includes [prior to me being on television] primarily psychology andanthropology. I also had formal training in photography and religion. I am now going back to school to get my Secondary Education degree in SocialStudies/History with an eventual goal of teaching anthropology at a university somewhere.

As far as "informal" education, I suppose I'd have to include my experiences abroad among the many different cultures of the world.I've been lucky enough to interact with many very interesting individualsoverseas and it did help to solidify and alter what I had previously been learning from professors and books.

My perceptions of many different thingshave changed, some for the good and some for...well... I read a lot on crypto-zoology and the like as well.

(MO) Did your paranormal experiences as a child in any way influence your educational interests or eventual accomplishments?

(BG) Of course it did.

(MO) While knowledge of psychology, photography, crypto zoology, ufology and anthropology are each invaluable in their own right, what aspect of your instruction, curiosities or life practice do you believe assisted you the most with regard to investigating and understanding the paranormal?

(BG) I'd have to say culturalanthropology [which includes religion] and psychology. Of course, understandinghow energy works and how the environment as well as how a person’s biologyworks is all very important too. I am, by no means an expert in any of thosefields, but I feel that I have a strong understanding of them.

(MO) In your career, was thereever a piece of empirical data presented to you that you could not dismiss?

(BG) Due to time constraintsbecause of filming, yes. Otherwise, I am confident in saying that there isalways an alternative explanation as long as you remain skeptical and have theability to apply one of the many fields that pertain to researching the"paranormal".

(MO) In your career, you’veinvestigated in over 40 countries. Which location in your opinion was the mostactive?

(BG) Most active meaning thestrangest occurrences that had viable alternative explanations? That wouldprobably have to be Cambuquira, Brazil, Real Felipe Fortress in Peru, theWolf's Lair in Poland, and St. Mary's Church at Margam Castle in Port Talbot,South Wales.

(MO) You were considered aconstant on GHI as the Case Manager and Investigator. Why did you leave GHI?Was it your resolution? If not, whose was it and why?

(BG) I filmed with the show for 3 years and I was asked to return for a run in Central America but I chose notto go. It was my decision to turn it down. I honestly was through with thepolitics of it all and I didn't agree with the direction that they were takingthe show.

(MO) You remarked, “I honestly was through with the politics of it all and I didn't agree with the directionthat they were taking the show." Could you elaborate on what you mean bythe politics and to what your point of contention was with regard to thedirection of GHI?

(BG) I think most people already know by now, considering I've been saying the same thing for years since being on the show and it would be redundant if I went into all of that again. I've moved on and really don't have any interest in rehashing all of itagain.

(MO) It has been voiced many times by fans that there were far too many investigators either joining orbeing dismissed from GHI from season to season. In fact, the most common contention from viewers online was, “I just can’t keep up!” Did you feel thesecast shake ups were compulsory or feel the confusion ultimately led to a lack of GHI viewership? 

(BG) The dismissals were for the most part decisions on behalf of the production company in an attempt to maintain or increase viewership or because of other reasons that are not forthe public to know. It's television. This is how it works. It's business andthe main goal is high ratings. For those that decided to leave on their ownaccord, there were very very few of us. While I was on the show, there were 9 or 10 cast changes. If the viewers didn't like the change ups, imagine how I felt.

(MO) There were rumors that Ashley Godwin had personal and professional differences with you. Is there anytruth to this?

(BG) I can't speak for her. She and I were never friends and we certainly don't speak today. I'll leave it atthat.

(MO) Did Ashley Godwin leavethe show as a result of these perceived contentions on her part?

(BG) As far as I know, herofficial public reason for leaving the show was that she left to go to school.Again, I can't speak for her or her decisions.

(MO) Overall, how compatiblewas your working relationship with the other female GHI investigators?

(BG) I honestly preferred working on the show when it was just me and the four male investigators. There was less drama and less people and we felt like more of a tight knit group.

(MO) A common viewer conceptionabout GHI as that you and Robb Demarest appeared to be the most like-mindedprofessionally speaking on GHI. Do you agree and did you work well together?

(BG) I do agree. I don't wantto sound pretentious, but for me I was on the show to investigate theparanormal and not to fight for "screen time". It was never about the" fame" for me and I think that that showed, or at least I hope itdid.

(MO) I'm curious as to yourcomment, "I was on the show to investigate the paranormal and not to fightfor "screen time". In your opinion was there anyone specific you feltvalued screen time more than the point of the core objective itself?

(BG) Everyone other than me andsome are still on the show.

(MO) It appears that severalcast members who have departed GH/GHI left on less than amicable terms. Some claimed maltreatment on the part of SyFy, Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson. Did you find any legitimacy to these allegations in your experience or in other castmember experiences?

(BG) I had very little contact with Jason and Grant. I met them in person only once and very briefly when Idid an episode of GH. Grant sat and talked with me for a few minutes and he wasvery nice to me during that encounter. People have to realize that I wasn'tcontrolled by the people over at GH while I was on GHI. We certainly did ourown thing unless we were ordered by production to incorporate members of GH into our episodes.

(MO) IMBd online reported that you, “pride yourself in knowing that you are one of the few, “para-celebs,”that has stayed true to the field.” In your opinion, who has not stayed true to the field?

(BG) Honestly, if people wantto know, simply look at the shows and the actions of the"investigators" with a true skeptical eye. It should be pretty damnobvious. Heh.

(MO) What does, “stayed /staying true to the field,” mean to you?

(BG) Staying true to anything means to focus on the core of whatever it is. Television can be a verycomplicated beast and if you let it take control of you, reducing your moralsor shifting your purpose to something else completely, you are in trouble.

I never let that happen to me. I'm not saying that it was an easy or completelypleasant road that I was traveling on, but at the end of the day I did what Ihad to do to remain true to myself and what it was that I had originally signedup for ["paranormal research"].

(MO) How do you feel about the success of Para television shows on the air today and do you watch them?

(BG) I don't watch paranormal television with exception to Celebrity Ghost Stories on the BIO Channel.

 (MO) Do you believe theremay be or have been televised paranormal shows who have falsified evidence forratings?

(BG) Absolutely.

(MO) In your opinion, are these paranormal television shows more about obtaining tangible evidence that hopefully opens doors of communication, contemplation or debate or simply entertainment for the masses?

(BG) See above.

(MO) How do you feel about the newer para equipment used by today’s televised paranormal groups and why do you believe GHI refuses to employ the same techniques?

(BG) The newer equipment isn't new. It's been used for years and not just for "paranormal research".Things like Frank's Box or the Ovilus are interpretation only devices that have absolutely no scientific backing in anyway, shape or form. They are for entertainment purposes only-just like the ghost hunting IPhone apps.

(MO) In your opinion, what was the demise of the countless Para television shows in the past or the success of current shows?

(BG) Cast, format and location.In that order.

(MO) How difficult was it onyou psychologically being away from home for so long on your overseas investigations?

(BG) It was extremely exhausting both physically and emotionally, especially towards the end of mytime working with the show. For me, travelling constantly for years on end andhaving no contact with friends and family due to no cell service or internet insome of the areas travelled to were aspects of this.

Constant time zone changes, long lonely flights, sitting in hotels, researching, trying to pick uplocal languages, long drives with the caravan, missed flights, flight delays,security, and many other things all affected me. There were also a lot of strained relationships and growing tension between me and pretty much everyone else due to my stance on the direction of the show and growing animosities between other cast members and me for other reasons.

I walked into the show with what I had thought were new friends and by the time I walked away, I had none. That's the nature of the beast. It is what it is and I've moved on.

(MO) You acknowledged,"There was also a lot of strained relationships and growing tension between me and pretty much everyone else due to my stance on the direction ofthe show and growing animosities between other cast members and myself for other reasons."

Were you the only cast member who took exception to thedirection of the show or did you have support? Also, other than the expected animosities that would develop between small groups of people over an extended time, could you elaborate on any disputations other than the norm?

(BG) I did not have support and everything else is nobody else's business. 

(MO) What are your plans for the future? Is there anything paranormal in the works?

(BG) Aside from working on anotherdegree and my photography, I continue writing my book and I'm also working on afew new potential projects that aren't necessarily paranormal related.

(MO) You're writing a book? What is your books premise and when can we expect to see it published? 

(BG) I've been writing the bookfor the last couple years, but with my attention focused primarily on school,it's been difficult to work on it is I should. It was supposed to be out thisyear, but the release has been pushed back. I currently don't have a specificdate. It will consist of many different things, including some of myphotography. I don't want to go into great detail because I'm sure one of myex-coworkers will decide to write something similar and push for it to bereleased before me. That's how they roll.

(MO) Are you content with what you’ve learned after your extensive journey exploring the unknown or are you still searching for your answers Brandy?

(BG) I certainly learned a lot about myself and a lot about the nature of other people who vie to maintaintheir screen time. In terms of whether I believe in ghosts now? I still don't completely believe in the existence of ghosts or spirits or the like. I find that I'm actually more skeptical than I was before becoming a cast member on the show.

(MO) Can you share the mostvaluable lesson you took from your experience with GHI?

(BG) See some of my otheranswers for this one.

(MO) In closing, is thereanything you would like to share with your fans?

(BG) Thanks for your support!


In closing, I found Ms. Greento be a well-adjusted and energetic young lady who does her best to excel inany situation life hands her. To me, this woman is undoubtedly a survivor andan adapter under any circumstance.

Brandy did not hesitate to consent when I asked for her interview and as I researched her and her background, I found her to be exactly who she portrays herself as. She’s an accommodating, unwrapped, straightforward, educated, humorous and very deep individual who loves her personal causes and hometown. What’s more, she’s a young lady who wishes only to give back to the community she grew up in and global charities in general.

In all I find the way Ms. Green was treated by para TV production and former to current cast members to be par for the course. Para TV is no different than any other mass venue. It’s all about money and ratings. Of more inferior quality to me would be cast members who are obviously more concerned with face time and feigned dramatics than educating society.

Lamentably, ratings alone appear to dictate that intellect, professionalism, expertise and a healthy doseof skepticism intermingled in the quest for truth just isn’t as marketable as they once were. If that’s the concluding verdict by Pilgrim Films and otherproduction companies, then I would reason para TV is finally on its last legs and it is almost certainly about time.



"Brandy Green.

Disbeliever, disillusioned and disbanded

but by no means distracted, discouraged or discounted."



Shadow People ...They Exist

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Shadow People

I will begin with a little background, this thread is an accumulation of information that started with a conversation between myself and a very adept empath who has been instrumental and invaluable in the upkeep and corelation/collection of  information,

A casual conversation about our common nemesis Shadow People has grown exponentially …*snip* and I are lifelong witness’s to this phenomenon. The common ground we share in this subject has created this thread..

At its original start point, it has over 500 reply’s and is over 60 pages long and still growing..

The following was correlated by my partner who has since left the paranormal and no longer wishes to be tied to any part of it, so I will continue the pursuit of answers…

Please feel free to add your personal accounts or comments

My personal questions top 5

Why do some see them and not others?

Why me?

Why do they not fear me?

Why do I see them in groups?

How long have they been here?

for the record- the shadow people I see do not have hats...


What are Shadow Men?

Why are they here, and what do they want? If you are reading this post, then you probably know of the entity I am referring to. There are reports of them all over the world, and the numbers of such accounts are growing all the time. Are there more of them now than there were before? Should we be afraid? The truth is, we just do not have the answers to those questions. Fortunately, many dedicated members of the ** forums have helped me compile a list of personal accounts and other data in an attempt to crack the Shadow Man code. For a lot of us, this is our favorite paranormal topic. There are even a few experienced, world renowned, professionals, like Rosemary Ellen Guilley, who specialize in the field and study of Shadow Men.



Shadow People (Men or Women)


- Range in height from 4-8 feet tall

- Are seen in various levels of transparency

- Range in level of darkness

- Are seen as solid black forms and are not completely transparent

- Sometimes their forms are incomplete, such as only having a torso and head near the top and becoming more blob-like toward the bottom

- Can be male or female

Almost everyone describes them as “men”, but they can also seem feminine. They are usually very long or tall, with almost no features or any real shape. Some of them seem to be shorter “blobs”, while others are shaped just as the name states, like people. There have also been reports of smaller, impish, or animal like types, and there have even been reports of red glowing eyes, hats and hoods. I will explain these other types a little later. They can potentially be harmful to you.

The varying levels transparency are also a good way tell what you are seeing. Shadow people are NOT completely see-through. They can be opaque like a lampshade or frosted glass. If the entity in question is transparent or seems to invisible, it is not a shadow person. Think of a shadow cast by a tree. You cannot see through the shadow like a glass window, which does not change your perception of what you are viewing. You are seeing the object behind it filtered with shade, which distorts the image by blocking light, and since you are seeing the shadow it is not invisible. Shadow people are, after all, shadows.



- Very quick and usually will hide when noticed

- Instead of hiding, they will sometimes disappear or fade out

- Some are seen straight on, they are called “free standers”

- Sometimes one is seen running away out in the open just as you enter a room, I call them “sprinters”

- Some can be tricks from the corner of the eyes

- Seem to be curious and will observe people

- Seem to ‘investigate’ those with paranormal gifts or investigating the paranormal

- Seem to ‘investigate’ those with traumatic pasts

- Do not seem interested in interacting with people, and usually will not, even when provoked

- Do not seem threatening or malicious

- Never really do anything other than simple observation


Locations (Places they are usually found):

- They have been witnessed at most location types

- Seen by themselves or in groups

- Usually seen at night or in dark areas, but are seen during the day as well

- Appear indoors and out

- Usually hiding or lurking in shadowy and/or dark areas, but are also seen in open well-lit areas although this is very rare

- Seem to be more common in areas where paranormal study happens frequently

- Seem to be common in areas of heavy supernatural activity

- Seem to be more common in the presence of people who study the supernatural or paranormal and people who have ties to the supernatural world or possess “gifts”


The different types reported have been seen as a single entity alone, or in groups, large and small. Lingering just out of your line of site, or fleeing when you see them, usually seen at night or in the dark, and almost always hiding in other shadows. But they do come out and show themselves to some people. They do sometimes “free stand” as I call it. A free stander will come out in the open, light or dark, day or night, shadow or not. You will know because it will have a “full form”, or a seemingly solid body. And it will also be standing where there is absolutely no possibility of another source casting a shadow. Sightings like that are VERY rare. “Sprinters”, are just like free standers only they are running away, and in most accounts are wearing hats. This may not be a shadow person (I have never seen one of these) but if it is, the hat may play a part in the ability to “detach” from the shadows. It is also a known fact that shadow men almost always hide in other “real” shadows. “Real” shadows are cast from a source (person or object) against the ground, wall, or another object according to the position of the source of light. It is believed that they actually NEED the shadows, either because they lack the ability to exist without them, or because they directly spawn from them. I’ll explain this in more detail when I discuss the theories. Because of their affiliation with shadows, sometimes people will experience an eye trick, and assume that they have seen something, or they will think just the opposite. This may be a part of the stealth. They may rely on us to be rational to help them hide. Sometimes instead of hiding, they will just phase into a nearby shadow, giving the illusion of fading away, or disappearing completely.


Shadow people will usually hang around people and places that have strong ties to the paranormal. They are also a regular part of interacting with the world of the supernatural. They seem to also observe a strict code of discretion. They usually will not be caught out in the open, or let just anyone see them. In most cases, they will attempt to remain hidden and out of sight at all cost. A lot of us, however, have noticed an exception to this rule. Once you accept them and acknowledge their presence, they don’t hide from you as much. They sort of play peek-a-boo for a while to see if you really do know they are there. Once they know that you know they ARE there, they stop hiding from you altogether. But they will however, continue to hide from anyone else who does not know about them or believe in them.

There are many theories that suggest they are either attached or assigned to certain people and places. Further study has given rise to a belief that they specifically watch and observe members of the paranormal and supernatural community, and even more so, people who seem to have supernatural gifts. Many have reported a Shadow or two keeping a constant watch, and that their shadows even followed when they had moved to a new home. There are paranormal sites all over the world where large groups of Shadow Men are reported to keep watch. They stand around certain spots through out the site like “Sentinels”, which is what this type is called. These types will usually gather in large groups and spread out in even patterns, and usually in or near woods. Reports from people who live bordering the woods say that the Shadows will gather right at the edge within sight, but never really come out, or come any closer.

Shadow Men generally do not seem the least bit interested in actually interacting with us humans. They normally do nothing more than watch. You will see them get bored or lose interest at times, and simply leave or wander off. They do also seem to have personalities. They appear to get excited by playing “hide and seek”, and if one is happy you will know. It will get very brave and come pretty close, or try to get your attention with very bold displays of movement. What they will not do is interact with you because you want it to. Although people have tried, and almost always fail, I do not recommend it. They never attack or harm people, but those who have tried to speak with them usually end up with something worse afterward. More of them show up and ultimately one of the malicious types will arrive soon after. They are only here to observe, from what we know, so you are best to just leave it alone.



Effects on the Physical Realm:

- Animals seem to notice them

- Footsteps are reported at times

- Have been seen in reflections on televisions and mirrors

- Been reported during normal activities, investigations, and Ouija use.

- EVP mentions, “They are the brothers of death.”

Animals DO react to their presence, so it is believed that they can see them too. They also make noises such as footsteps, and have a reflection, so they do in some ways at least, have a physical presence. The reported sightings take place at all times of the day, so they do hang around and can affect your day-to-day life.

It is not a popular belief that they can or will talk. A member of *snip* posted his personal account on the previous thread. It in, he told of his study of Shadow Men. He asked them what/who they are, and it replied, “We are the brothers of death”. This was captured in an EVP. If this was a Shadow Man actually speaking, then we know that they can affect us in this way also.


Additional Theories:

- May work for or be controlled by other Shadow entities such as the Hat Man

- May be in control of lesser Shadow entities such as Shadow Animals

Shadow Animals/Imps/Creatures

- 3ft. tall and shorter

- Seen in groups

- Most commonly seen as Imp-like creatures, cats, birds, and bats.

- Sometimes take on a less solid, blob-like appearance

- Usually associated with the coming appearance of higher level entities

- Might be a sort of servant/lookout/scout/companion for higher-level entities

- Possibly are hybrids of two other types of Shadow


As the name implies, these are obviously not shadow people or shadow men. Most accounts of these guys describe them as cat-like, birds or bats and other flying creatures, small imp-like /demonic humanoid shapes, or other indescribable shapes and/or blob-like masses, and they are always under three feet in height. In short, their description varies just as much as their “human” counterparts. I have next to no information this type of entity. They are almost always associated with the coming of a larger more powerful presence. Many of us believe that they will gather near a place when a more powerful entity is about to manifest. Maybe they are its minions, or messengers, and are checking out the area before their master arrives. They could be bottom feeders looking to siphon some energy from a larger source that will likely not notice. The site will usually have a bad or foreboding feel to it, and a sort of empty, hopeless feeling They are always in groups or they are randomly spaced around the immediate area but still fairly close to each other. The only exception here are the cat-like types, which will streak out in front of you without warning much like a real cat would. Another popular theory is shadow pets. No one really knows.

Hat Man, Hooded Shadow, and The Old Woman

- Seem to be malevolent

- Always associated with negative feelings

- All accounts report unhappiness and/or a sense of being drained

- Always appear when we are vulnerable/weak

- Always associated with fear and suffering

- Positive thoughts, meditation, prayer, and high self-esteem seem to keep them away, and drive them out

- Thought to perhaps be different entity type than the shadow people

- Many reports of seeing several Shadow People before a Hat Man or Hooded Shadow appears

- May be in charge/command of lesser entities such as Shadow Men and Shadow Animals

- Possibly are hybrids of two other types of Shadow

We do not believe either of these three are “true” Shadow Men. I have strongly noticed only ONE recurring fact about these three. EVERY mention of them relates to feelings of fear, paranoia, and vulnerability. Other accounts point to the victim feeling threatened, and/or just having experienced a personal trauma or other sadness. These three types are the only ones who have been repeatedly reported to wear clothing of any kind, and they actively interfere with our lives and cause harm! They may not be causing physical harm, but the psychological, emotional, and mental harm can be MUCH worse and ultimately lead to physical harm. I believe these three entities are some type of evil/demonic entity or other spirit. I believe that they feed off of our fear, pain, and suffering. DO NOT make yourself an easy target if these creatures are attacking you! Keep a positive mind; keep your personal living space as happy and inviting as possible. Tell them in the name of whatever/whoever you hold sacred that they are NOT WELCOME, and GET OUT! Mediation and prayer are also helpful. Do whatever you can to empower yourself, and above all else, BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! Believe they cannot and will not hurt you.

The Old Man (in the hat) or Hat Man:

- Sometimes reported with glowing green eyes

- Always reported at or near your bed

- Always associated with bad dreams

- Almost always first seen at the foot of your bed when halfway between asleep and awake

- Associated with causing fear and draining energy

- Is believed to cause fear or bad dreams to steal energy

- Possible ‘bogeyman’ type entity

- Also associated with “The Sandman”

- Believed to be similar to Moth Man

The Old Man in the Hat, or “The Hat Man” is by far the most commonly reported Shadow Man there is. More people have seen him than any other shadow entity. I have never seen him. (Knock on wood) Almost every account is the same. He is always leering over you while you are asleep, when you are most vulnerable. He is first seen standing at the foot of your bed, while you are still half asleep. Most people say they immediately feel threatened, and as if they are being drained or weakened. Most also note they have had, or will have nightmares when he is around. I think he may be stealing energy as we sleep, and feeding our fear to create more fear energy because that is what he actually feeds on. One user posted a picture called the “sandman” to give a good reference. He may, in fact, be “the sandman” for all we know. For this particular entity, keeping a cozy, happy, and comforting sleeping area seems to work best, over all. In addition, I also suggest, if possible, have some source of light nearby when you sleep, natural light like a candle seems to work best. Calming soothing music to play gently in the background is also good, but not so loud that it will keep you awake, remember this entity wants you to be tired and vulnerable.


Hooded Shadow Men (Hoodies):

- Most reported with red glowing eyes

- Possible ‘bogeyman’ type entity

- Believed to psychic vampires

- Associated with sadness, depression, and a sensation of being drained.

- Almost always appears when victim has had recent trauma

- The hood and cape may actually be long hair and a dress; some of them may just be Shadow Women

- Most people are unable to see these entities

The “Hoodies” always seem to be following, or hanging around an individual who is an unhappy person, an endless supply of sad and dark emotions, which is believed to be their energy source. These entities are usually described as a shadowy, flowing, robe-like mass with a hood, and almost always has red glowing eyes. In other cases, they have almost NO shape or form. They seem to be a shadowy mass or “nothingness” that seems to swallow up the light around it. Hoodies usually attach themselves to people who have both a very bad life, AND a connection to the supernatural or paranormal world. They usually show up right after a great personal trauma such as a death or a huge financial catastrophe. Once they arrive, they set about destroying the victim’s emotional state by causing fear, paranoia, depression, and making them feel worthless. Hoodies are extremely difficult to get rid of, and prevention should be your primary weapon. Prayer, meditation, faith in yourself, your god, and whatever you hold dear. DO NOT buy into its crap! You ARE worth it! Your life DOES matter!

The Old Woman:

- Is always reported while victim is in a state of SP (sleep paralysis)

- Is associated with SP

- Is associated with bad dreams and feelings of fear

- Is associated with sensations of being held down, unable to move, and being drained

- Believed by some to be the Bride of the Man in the Hat

- Associated with OBE with nightmares

Situations with The Old Woman are almost identical to that of the Hat Man. The differences, however, are quite specific: the victim will wake up in a state of SP, unable to move. The Old Woman is usually holding you down and creating quite a bit of fear, which is why most victims think they are “just dreaming”. And most report having an OBE with nightmares. Victims say they feel as if they are being pulled, or forced out of their bodies. The way to avoid and/or rid yourself of her is basically the same as Hat Man as well, but with one addition: SP is caused by STRESS. Removing stress from your life will make it harder for you to fall into SP. For those who do not know about SP, it is a state in which your body is so tired that it literally cannot go any farther without rest. But, in contrast, your mind is in a state of overdrive, and so deep in thought, that your body will shut down and go to sleep while you are still wide awake and lost in thought. Your mind is active, but your body is dormant. You are wide-awake mentally but asleep physically. Even though you are coherent and conscious, you cannot move. It can be very scary, especially if you are part of the way asleep mentally and get interrupted by a nightmare like the Old Woman. Try always to go to bed in a good mood, and to have all your work for the day done. That way, you are free to drift off to sleep without any worries to tempt the Old Woman.


Theories and Personal Accounts with Possible Support Data:

- Possibly are Nephilim (i.e. hybrids)

- May be some sort of naturally occurring Supernatural beast, and unable to be seen properly with out “human” eyes

- Electromagnetic fields causing hallucinations

- Shadow People are the spirits of evil people after they have died

- Shadow People are how people see human spirits when they lack the ‘ability’ to see its true form

- Shadow People are created by negative energy from people, rituals, and/or from tragic events

This supports the more popular theories surrounding the Hooded Shadows.

- The darker they are, the older and more powerful they are

The darker they are the older they are, and naturally the darker ones are more powerful. The free standers are usually very dark and they do not need real shadows as much or often as lesser shadows. Most of you have stated that the shadows that are “running away”, or standing in the open, “free standing”, are much darker than other shadow men. These types are “even darker than the other shadows around them”. Most shadows seem to be the same shade as the shadow that they are hiding in and that they “run down the wall” when they escape.

Many of you have also stated that these darker ones also seem more foreboding, to have more of a presence, and seem stronger. As a shadow man ages, he becomes stronger. His shade will become darker. I believe that the younger, less experienced shadow men are incapable of leaving the shadows completely. Maybe they are unable to hide if they do. They may lack the knowledge of how to leave or hide if they leave. They may need to be cast against something, or maybe they draw life/energy from shadows.

Maybe they spawned right in the very spot they are needed. If this is the case, maybe they are able to move about freely if the people they are watching leave or move away. This may be the reason for accounts of a single VERY black shadow man fleeing the scene when the lights come on. They were looking for the person (people) they are supposed to watch. As they are better suited to moving around freely, I speculate that they become more “real” or have more of a physical presence. Which would explain why they seem to become a “solid black mass” when hit directly with a strong light source.


They can be affected by things in the physical and are bound by the laws of the physical realm

They may actually have a physical form and thus may actually be able to be harmed by physical objects. They may also not have the ability to become intangible, or pass through solid objects. There are no accounts that I know of where one did pass through an object.


They are in their own parallel universe and there are “holes” in between where we overlap

- They are a form of ghost in purgatory

Maybe it is they who want us to leave? Maybe there are just holes in the veil that separates our two worlds. Maybe WE look like shadows to THEM, and that is why they run. We may look exactly the same way to them, and the “sentinels” might actually doing paranormal study on US. Maybe the houses that they haunt in our world are actually haunted by us in their world!

If they were, in fact, some kind of ghost, then it would make sense. They are reliving their final days over and over again, or being held in limbo, either as a torture or punishment, or the other theory of “unfinished business”. Some people believe that if an innocent dies a very violent death, the soul is unable to cope and will “relive” their death again and again until they know “why”. It is also a common belief that the terrain/layout of the physical world when a person dies will look the same to the ghost as when it was alive. Thus the reason they walk through walls, that wall WAS a doorway when they were living. *Drum roll for bad pun* these ghosts are living a shadow of their former lives! Co-existing right beside us as if nothing has changed, except that we can see one another. The movie “The Others” is a great example here. But, shadow men cannot walk through walls.



- Shadow People are ‘assigned’ to watch certain people

- They may spy on, or observe people with gifts to see if they use it for good or evil

- They may be more attracted to people with gifts because they want the gift for themselves or to use it through the human by corrupting him/her

There has long been a belief that Shadow Men are specifically assigned to watch people who posses supernatural gifts. The reason for this is likely because of the fact that these people have more encounters with them than anyone else. But that may only happen because these individuals are sensitive enough to be able to see them at all..

There are accounts of gifted individuals changing their place of residence only to discover that their shadow had followed them (no pun intended). And often, that particular shadow is very dark in color. “With great power comes great responsibility”, “Absolute power corrupts absolutely”.

If these creatures are in fact evil, perhaps, they are hoping that the person will “turn to the Dark Side”. Maybe the shadow is attempting to steal the powers for itself, or corrupt the person it is following, and/or through them use their gift to the Shadow’s advantage. Or, they were sent to watch over you, lest you DO actually commit an evil act with your gift.

A “gift” is a present. It is a blessing meant to be used to help others, and to better the world around you.

* I have placed in blue/bold parts I do agree with*


Why Do So Many Ignore Spirits Message

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I found some of the truest observations in this enlightening, (and ironic) blog for me to get my message from a forum post about ignoring spirits messages. For the first time in a long time, I actually stopped to read an entire post (I still don't know why),if nothing else take a second to read this mans post below..you might realize you too are ignoring the messages from the spirits...

Posted by David Wharmby on February 27, 2009


I was recently sent an article from the USA which basically reflects the true attitude of society, the World we live in, but as I read the piece over a couple of times it suddenly struck home how equally so many people whom are aware of Spirit,indeed who work with Spirit still actually ignore Spirits true message...................please read on

A man sat at a subway station in Washington DC and started to play the violin; it was a cold January morning. He played six Bach pieces for 45 minutes. During that time, since it was rush hour, about one thousand people went through the station, most of them on their way to work.

Three minutes went by and a middle aged man noticed there was a musician playing. He slowed his pace and stopped for a few seconds, but then hurried on to meet his schedule.

A minute later, the violinist received his first dollar: a woman threw the money without stopping.

A few minutes later, someone leaned against the wall to listen to him, but the man looked at his watch and started to walk again. Clearly he was late for work.

The one who paid the most attention was a 3 year old boy. His mother dragged him along, but the kid stopped to look at the violinist. Finally the mother pushed hard and the child continued to walk turning his head all the time. This was repeated by several other children. All the parents, without exception, forced them to move on.

During the 45 minutes the musician played, only 6 people stopped and stayed for a while. About 20 gave him money but continued to walk their normal pace. He collected $32. When he finished playing no one noticed. No one applauded.

No one knew this but the violinist was Joshua Bell, one of the best musicians in the world. He played one of the most intricate pieces ever written with a violin worth 3.5 million dollars.

Two days before his playing in the subway, Joshua Bell sold out at a theater in Boston where seats average $100.

This is a true story. Joshua Bell playing incognito was organized by the Washington Post as part of a social experiment about perception, tastes and priorities of people. The outlines were: in a commonplace environment at an inappropriate hour: Do we perceive beauty? Do we stop to appreciate it? Do we recognize talent in an unexpected context?

One of the possible conclusions could be:

If we do not have a moment to stop and listen to one of the best musicians in the world playing the best music ever written, how many other things are we missing?

A very enlightening article isnt it, the question here being asked however

Are you walking by the true Message of Spirit?


Barek Halfhand's NEW section of Perception9 is finished!!

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Wow is all I can say along with a HUGE THANK YOU to Ray, owner of the most gracious and extremely interesting site Perception9 Paranormal  Lots of work went to the design and its beautiful! We have been a major fan of Perception9Paranormal for a very long time now, I can not tell you what an honor this is so please take a moment to join Perception9 and also take a look at the Halfhand Nation Paranormal section 

*All links are hot and will take you directly to both the front of Perception9 and to Halfhand Nation Paranormal  *