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The Djinn

The hidden ones, the long forgotten, the ancient ones.  All references to one race of beings many here in the west have overlooked until lately and thanks to the work of life long researcher, Rosemary Ellen Guiley.  Recently, I had the good fortune of reading one of Rosemary's “Visionary Living” newsletters and noticing she was liquidating some of her encyclopedias at a very good price I ordered a few, I did pester a bit to get them signed to me as I am a fan of her research into shadow people, she was very kind and obliged me and when they arrived I was more than happy with both quality and such a personal  touch for the new stars of the occult collection I have been steadily growing for some time now.  After some thinking and working up the courage to send her my shadow people they exist link I was presently surprised at her interest and did volunteer some more information  of a personal nature I've never written about in public concerning my lifelong experience with shadow people and other creatures (for lack of a better word to call them) after a few exchanges of emails she suggested I read "The Djinn Connection" I was leaving for a few weeks in Hawaii so I decided that I'd add it to my kindle, after reading The Djinn Connection I can say I am in agreement and shadow people are Djinn and so much more. I will be dedicating a section just for Djinn information, please bookmark us and watch our database grow.

Many thanks to Rosemary Ellen Guiley for forging ahead and making one of the biggest connections and having some of the best insight the paranormal world has ever had by bringing the ones made of smokeless fire into the light, The Djinn, we underestimated their power.


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